Vending Machines

Some pondering…

Have you ever had just one dollar on you, you punch the button, your much-awaited snack drops, and then…gets stuck? This is what I think of as I wait for my snack to drop. It’s at that time, I think I should have brought two one-dollar bills, just in case, but I never do.

Or what if you only have one bill, and the machine refuses to take it?

The thing with vending machines is figuring out what’s really popular, so you know it gets refilled with fresh stuff pretty often. You don’t want to get the thing that’s been in there since 1995.

And I’ve always been cautious when sticking in my hand to retrieve my snack…for some reason, I am terrified that there’s a mouse in there. I mean, crumbs get in, it’s warm, it’s the perfect place for a mouse.

Makes you want to go grab a snack asap, huh?


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