Public Transport is Public

The bus I was on earlier this week smelled like maple syrup and celery. An odd mix, but oh, the joys of public transport.

Here’s some of my notable, and probably, common, observations whilst on public transport:

I’ve seen:

A really tall guy on the phone in the outside seat on a bus who won’t get up and makes the other guy, in a business suit, climb over him to get out.

Someone take their shoes off on a subway train. Is this your living room?

People eating meals. Not just a bag of chips, but proper rice and chicken dishes…on the subway.

People setting up music so they can break dance, people selling bags of M&Ms and chocolate bars (in the middle of the summer – melted much?), people clipping their nails and people making out. Yes, all on a subway train.

I know I’ve seen more. And I know you have too. What have you seen that makes you go HMMM?


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