Pulling the Trigger (no not a gun) – Booking Airfare

For someone who loves to fly and visit her family, she sure is afraid to pull the airline booking trigger. And because of that, she got screwed. Royally screwed. Knew it was going to be a last-minute fare, and saw the price at $275 over a week ago, but hesitated. Then $346…and was about to book but had to leave for work, so didn’t book it. Then for days the price hovered in the mid 400’s…and she wished it to go back to $346. The mid 400 price turned out to be an upper 400 if you added all the booking fees, seat fees and gas fees. Which eventually turned into a low 500 fare, and now with stops.

While she thinks it would be worth every penny, everyone in her family told her she was nuts to give that kind of money to the fickle and greedy airlines, especially if she were to book now to go in just a few more weeks, the airfare searches come up for half the price.

So she didn’t book.

But she still continued the fruitless search with enough time to leave for the airport to get the last flight of the night. And with that, came the best. idea. ever.

For those people who can travel at a moments notice, literally, there should be a way to negotiate with the airlines for a fare. I mean, there’s probably only a small segment of the population that would be intrigued by this anyway, and it’s a chance for the airlines to get a few more dollars for empty seats they probably wouldn’t have been able to fill otherwise.

Most people book weeks, if not months, in advance. Getting those last few seats filled could prove profitable. This gal does hate the middle seat but for this last chance opportunity, she’d jump at the chance to get away, right. this. second.

As one of those people who can be ready to leave with a moments notice, thanks to an already packed toiletries bag, and clean clothes in the closet, there’s no reason not to go. Especially when ‘the price is right for that last-minute flight.’ And, you, yes, you, the first airline to bring this idea to fruition, I even provided you with a spot-on tagline.

The idea is genius, right?


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