It is amazing how much people want to share. I am in awe of it – when they talk on a phone while in a public place, or on public transportation, where there is nowhere else for people to go.

Obviously there are two sides to every story but I only get to hear one of them. I have heard full on conversations about:

A woman getting a divorce talking to who I think was her mom. I know the ex-husband to be is a prick and he is using the kid is a pawn. She has already protected her assets but she was concerned what kind of lies he was feeding his lawyer.

Two people talking about one of their upcoming trips to Greece to visit friends. One of whom I have to understand was living in the States. What I gathered from the conversation they are living in Greece. Her husband is and I quote ‘a Greek from Greece.’ I guess he doesn’t speak English and even though his wife misses the states, what would he do if they moved here.

Personally, I think there are plenty of opportunities – open a restaurant, write, use existing skills. Of course I have no idea of his background, his skills, his financial situation – but here I am imagining a new life for this man, who I do not know, who may or may not want to come to the States and who, the odds are pretty good, I would never meet.

It’s funny how what I overheard becomes a big daydreaming session for me.


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