Isn’t owning a dog expensive?

How come everyone sitting on the street on a torn blanket with unwashed clothes, asking for money, ALWAYS has a dog?

Shouldn’t they give it up for adoption? Might make crashing with friends easier, as well as take the load off the money you hardly have.

You can get food and some nutrition. I know very generous people that give up their lunch for you. But what about your dog? What’s he eating?

I will go out on a limb and say I am not a dog person (I know, I am sorry) but I do feel bad for them. What kind of quality of life do they have? They are never perky, barking and happy dogs. They look just as sad as you are. And they are probably hungrier. And a dog should be on grass running around. Not sitting on 48th Street in Manhattan waiting for you to collect enough change to get to whatever city may be written on the obligatory cardboard sign asking for change.

Obviously I am generalizing here. Everyone’s situation is different but I, not a dog person, sometimes feel bad for you, but I always feel bad for the dog.


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