On the Way to Cape May!

Tonight I will be heading to Cape May, a beach town along the Jersey Shore, with two dear girlfriends. This is our yearly girlfriend getaway, and I trust we will continue to make these yearly trips until we are old and gray.

The three of us started our annual trip a few years ago. We started in Chicago (when one of us was living there) in December 2008 and then we did Boston (it was quite chilly) in October 2009. Then we decided enough with these cold weather trips, and we went to St. Lucia in April 2010 (where they had weeks of no rain before we arrived, but for us, it rained every day except the day we came in, and left). This year we are headed closer to home to a small Jersey Shore* town called Cape May, in  the middle of July 2011.

Fingers crossed we get good weather. Even if we don’t, we honed our card playing skills in St. Lucia. Rummy, War, what have you. It could be time for a rematch. But Mother Nature, if you’re listening, we’d really, really like the sun to shine while we are beach bound.

For you loyal readers, who know I post once a day, or schedule posts so it looks like I post once a day, I won’t be posting while I am away. I want to unplug! But I will come back to the days I was gone and post daily trip reports / stories when I return. So keep an eye out.

And now, to entertain you with a popular song with the locals…On the Way to Cape May.

* For those of you only familiar with the Jersey Shore thanks to the TV show of the same name, this is not one of those kinds of towns. Most of the shore is not like that either. But where we are headed, we shouldn’t have any Snooki sightings. Or anyone like her either.


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