Hello from the Beach

No, not really. These are scheduled posts. But check back in a few days and I will be sure to post thoughts, observations and travel tips from my girlie getaway!

If you’re really hungering for some Simply Three Cents reading, check out the links on the right…not the categories but the tags. The tags are reserved for my travel posts. Click a place, and take a quick getaway from your chair!


Update post-trip:

We did get to the beach and since we couldn’t check in until three, made our way to the beach, the bar and lunch. By the time we checked in we had experienced a good chunk of our trip.

Lovely day. Lovely dinner. Martini Beach. We ordered tapas to share at the table. I don’t believe I have ever tried escargot, but it was delicious. As were the blue cheese stuffed olives in our martinis.

Then back to the Rusty Nail for some drinks and live music. This bar has such a fun day vibe, but we only had one complaint for the night scene. I realize Cape May is a quieter town and all but get the Saturday night band, which was good, played a little on the slow side. And when they did  play something that three 30-something girls would want to dance to, they played it, then said they were taking a break. When the dance floor was packed? Really?

That would be my only complaint about the Rusty Nail. We had many great meals there, fantastic drink specials and the staff and bartenders were fabulous.



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