Gotcha again with my previously scheduled posts. But check back in a few days and I will be sure to post thoughts, observations and travel tips from my girlie getaway!

Aside from my travel posts, these are some of my favorite posts. Take a read.

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Update: post-trip

Sunday we stopped at the Welcome Center where we got some info, and it just happened to be right next to the bicycle rental place. So we rented bikes so we could visit the Cape May Lighthouse. We rode there, took a few shots of the lighthouse…

visited the gift shop and biked back to town. This was a few miles each way so when we returned, we visited the Ugly Mug bar for lunch and to watch the end of the women’s final soccer game. Post lunch, we hit up the pool, and the poolside beverage service. We had bought three day beach passes so we could have merely crossed the street, but today, today would be a pool day.

Sidenote: Yes, we had to pay to get on the beach. I think New Jersey is the only state that charges people to get on the beach. For that matter, the state charges you to drive on their roads too. And yet somehow the state is still ridiculously over budget. Go figure.

Post-pool we went to return the bikes with a stop at the local Acme to stock up on jugs of water and some snacks. When we were about to hand over the bikes, one of us had the great idea to keep them for another day. So with a brief stop at the bike shop we handed over payment and secured the bikes for an additional twenty-four hours.

Dinner was a late one on Sunday night at the Blue Pig Tavern, at the Congress Hall Hotel. This hotel is a sister property to where we stayed but has been in business since the 1800s. After dinner we took a leisurely walk back to the Rusty Nail (I told you we spent some time there!) for some live music. As you can imagine, a Sunday night was much quieter, but still a very chill, relaxed feel.

And then off to bed. I should note that while on vacation I had some crazy dreams. In fact, I think it was Sunday night, I dreamt that I was Kate and Wills (oh yes, the royals) personal tour guide around New York City. It was a nice dream.


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