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Update post-trip

Oh Monday. Two of us went for a bike ride, and one for a run. The houses in Cape May look like gingerbread homes and each is prettier than the last. Check out some of my favorites.




We rode our bikes to breakfast at Uncle Bills Pancake House and then after speaking to our waitress – who looked 16 but had to be at least 21 from her stories helping further declare that we are old – decided we would bike it to the Cape May Winery, a few miles away. Over a bridge that had a huge hill, ongoing construction and no shoulder in one direction.

But people, yes, they are nice down there. Three bikers en route to a winery holding up traffic while pumping those pedals up hill. And not one car horn. (Wait, it gets better on the way back).

Made our way to the Cape May Winery which I highly highly recommend.

We were not expecting much but all three of us were pleasantly surprised. Our experience was top notch. Plus it was a Monday. After our tasting, we each bought a glass and shared a cheese plate. Sitting outside on a day with perfect weather looking at the grapevines on a Monday, scores an A plus in my book.

The ride back…oh you pesky bridge. This time we had to merge with traffic but couldn’t ride up the hill. So three of us walked our bikes, with traffic backing up behind us. Not one beep. Not one. Once we made it to the top, we got back on the saddle and basically flew back to our hotel down the big hill.

Post-winery, we hit up the Rusty Nail (yes again, don’t judge!). It is part of our hotel, the Beach Shack. And how convenient because Monday from 11 til sunset is no shower happy hour. $1 Miller Lite bottles. Winning.

After a couple of rounds, we headed to the beach and took to some good reading, and napping. Around six, we left the beach, got ready for dinner and rode off to return our wheels (the bikes) by 7p.

Dinner on our last night. Where to go. Well, I can tell you where three 30-something ladies with no kids don’t want to go. That would be the restaurant where we actually sat down before realizing it was kid’s night. And not just kid’s night dinner specials. Clowns, face painting and balloon animal making. It took us a hot thirty seconds to get up and get out. But should you have a child, I highly recommend.

We went to a more family style restaurant. Looked right out of 1975. Carpet, wood walls. Our food took a long time but it was our last night so we weren’t in much of a hurry for dinner to end. Typical bar food. We had quesadillas, burgers, crabcake sliders and fries at our table. Headed back to the room around 10p. We were able to get in two rounds of Rummy 500…which on the prior year’s girls trip to St. Lucia, we had played plenty since it rained every single day except the day we left.

We did not have that problem this year. The weather was gorgeous.


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