Life. Uncomplicated. Part Three.

Tips, tips and more tips! I feel a bit like Oprah – without the status, celebrity and money! Feel free to share your tips in the comments below.

Today we talk alcohol:

1 – Ever drop a piece of cork in a bottle of wine? 

If you lose any part of the cork in a bottle of wine and you don’t want pieces of cork floating in your glass, hold a coffee filter over your glass and pour the wine into the glass via the filter. Voila! The pieces of cork get stopped by the coffee filter. Genius!

2 – I always keep a bottle of Champagne (or Cava or Prosecco) in the fridge because you just never know when you will want to properly celebrate.

3 – If you need to chill a bottle quickly, put it in the freezer. Simply enough. But set the microwave timer so you don’t forget to take it out. Crucial 😉


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