A Different Kind of Culture Shock

I remember coming home from my six months in London, which were finalized with a two-week tour of southern Spain.

I started to interview in New York City and had a lot of time to kill between interviews, so I went shopping. Or rather, because of my financial situation, browsing.

I remember wandering around Macy’s in New York’s Herald Square when I had to go the ladies room. I asked for directions, and I only had to ask once. And I understood all of the directions. The ‘take a right’ and ‘behind the women’s coats,’ I understood it.

There was no sign language necessary. It was different from being away because there was no pointing at things trying to figure out the right word or stopping to ask again because I only got as far into those directions as something as easy as ‘go right’ and then not knowing what was next.

It was pretty cool. And I knew I was home.

Do you have any experience with reverse culture shock?


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