This post has been saved in my drafts for some time and double-checking again to confirm I am still right, it’s gotten even worse.

Several airlines have annoyed me with recent route changes.

When I was looking for flights to surprise my sister back in November, I was very disappointed in the outbound evening flight offering.

Continental used to run an 8p EWR – PHX. Now, the last flight nonstop flight out is a 6.30.

Update: now it looks like a 5.29p is the latest flight.  ???

Just for the record, JetBlue also took their 8p ish flight away and now a 5.50 is their last flight (JFK – PHX) of the day.

Update: now it looks like a 5.45 is their latest non-stop outbound flight.

And US Air – really? Phoenix is one of your hubs and the last nonstop out of the New York area is a 4.35p? How is that even considered an ‘evening’ flight at this point?

Update: now a 4.12p

Note: this is not completely scientific. I checked flights during January 2012 on random Thursdays and Fridays outbound and Sundays and Mondays for the return. And this is the information I found.

If I wanted to kill a vacation day flying I would have already been flying Southwest – which for the record is a good airline the two times I have flown them (not in or out of NYC). Southwest’s flight schedule for cross country flights does not match my flying style – nonstop and evening fights for east to west travel and the red-eye for that west to east travel.

For the record I have asked this question of United and JetBlue on Twitter…twice. No response.


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