If You’re Headed to Sandringham…

As much as we all (ok, me) dream to be part of the Royal Family…I read they have five mandatory wardrobe changes for Christmas.

Five. For ONE day. ONE day.

“Kate will need a casual outfit for breakfast, a smart outfit and a hat for the morning church service, a dress for lunch, a cocktail dress for early evening drinks and a full-length dress for the evening meal,” ABC News’ royal correspondent Kate Nicholl told “GMA,” explaining that the same will be required of all of the attendees at the royal Christmas.

I am going to visit the boyfriend’s family for four days and I packed, four – and could become, five – outfits, if I repeated a little, i.e. jeans.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or are headed for Chinese food and a movie, whatever you are doing, I hope you have as few wardrobe changes as possible.


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