The Day I Said Yes

Two friends of mine who were in Argentina the same time as the boyfriend and I last February also fell in love with South America. So much so that they are heading back to explore Chile using American vacation days this February.

As they, I will call them A and C, were well into their planning process and I was still only contemplating we had talked about meeting up if the timing would work.

Yes, I was seriously contemplating this adventure but at that point I hadn’t pulled the trigger on anything that couldn’t be returned!

San Pedro de Atacama was the one place that meshed with both of our itineraries. I use the word ‘itinerary’ loosely. My itinerary is the general direction I am heading from my arrival city to my departure city. Their itinerary is more solid taking into account how much ground they will be covering.

One morning I get an email saying that they place they wanted to stay had a limited number of rooms and they wanted to book soon. My answer would determine if they booked a double or a triple. Since A and C wanted to book soon, could I let them know my decision in the next few days?

Am I really going to do it? Was I going to make this trip a reality?

I replied that it wouldn’t be a problem to let them know in a few days.

Then I had to make the decision. If I am to put nearly $500 towards a portion of the trip, I am committed to this idea I had floated around my head for the past few months.

A million thoughts whizzed around my head. I made a call to the boyfriend. I looked longingly at a Google map of South America.

And I knew that I didn’t need a few days.

Not more than an hour or two later, I sent an ‘I can’t believe I am really doing this’ and replied ‘YES! I will meet you there. Book the triple!’


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