Still Reeling in the Shock of Saying Yes

I knew the total cost of the San Pedro de Atacama portion of the trip included three nights and airport transfers and two tours.

Surprisingly the part of the reservation that freaked me out the most was the airport transfer because I didn’t even know how I would be getting myself to northern Chile, much less the Calama airport in the middle of the Atacama Desert.

C would put a 50% deposit on her credit card and we’d each pay half now and half in Chile. Since I still had a steady income, I sent C a check for my entire portion so I wouldn’t have to worry about finding the other 50% later when my daily budget will be less than just one night in this gorgeous place they found!

After sorting finances, I finally asked what I just paid for…what tours would we be doing in the middle of the driest desert in the world, fearing that horseback riding or white water rafting was on the list.

I was relieved to hear that out two tours were sans horses and rafts. As for what we are going to see – TripAdvisor ranked both as top sights to see while in San Pedro de Atacama. I knew I was in good hands with A and C and their, er, now our, plan.

Since I typically do the planning when the boyfriend and I travel AND considering I will be responsible for planning my other 56 days on the road, it was nice to have my agenda handed to me.

Phew. Four days and three nights are booked. Once I figure out where I am sleeping the night before we can call it four nights booked!

The next few answers I needed to sort for this portion of the trip would be ‘Where will I be coming from?’ and ‘How does one get to the Atacama desert?’

I answer those questions in my next post.


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