Jabs: Overview

I have never traveled anywhere where vaccinations were necessary.

Though now after I have done a boatload of research, I think every traveler should have a Hep A jab. This is only my opinion. I am not a medical professional.

Sorting out my vaccinations and figuring out what’s what caused me the most strife out of anything else in the planning process.
First, shots are not cheap.
Second, I needed a lot of shots.
Third, I switch between calling them shots, vaccinations and jabs. They are all the same thing. I think I like jabs best.
For my actual health consultation, I went to Passport Health. Highly recommend.
The nurse I met with was great and I got a ton of information – like clumping malaria prone countries together so you aren’t taking malaria meds for the better part of your trip. At $11USD per pill this is crucial planning information. Highly recommend.
Key takeaways:
1 – Shop around for the best price. Prices for the same vaccines can vary, sometimes by $40.
2 – Start the process well in advance of your departure date, at least six weeks prior.
Some jabs (Hep A, Hep B) are in a series and you need two jabs a month apart for Hep B before you travel. Others are live vaccines (Yellow Fever, MMR) which can either be given together or at least 28 days apart.
Also, you don’t want your last jab to be given as you are running to the airport as some jabs take two weeks for full efficacy.
 3 – Some of the vaccinations are specific to the region of a country, so you might not necessarily need certain ones.
4 – You can’t drink alcohol for 24 hours after each jab so you must plan accordingly.
5 – CDC.gov/travel had so many hits on their website thanks to me.
6 – I am a wimp.

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