CDC and Me – BFF

Oh CDC. You and I have become best friends the past few months.

I know you have so much information it’s scary. I know where I can find your maps pointing out risk areas for various diseases I never heard of. I know you have the most updated VIS (vaccine information statements) for any vaccine I could ever imagine wanting to know anything about.

But if I can just say one thing, your VIS’ scare me just a little. I read the warnings before the jab, and then I’d read it a few hours after the jab to make sure I was still okay and not suffering from any of the possible side effects, no matter how miniscule the odds were.

You can Google CDC VIS [and whatever vaccine you are looking for information on].

Examples of my Google searches: ‘CDC VIS Typhoid’ and ‘CDC VIS Yellow Fever’ and ‘CDC VIS Meningococal’ etc.

Go on, take a look.

What’s the most obscure travel vaccine you’ve ever needed?


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