Jabs: TDAP and Freak Out

As part of my annual physical, my regular doctor gave me a the Tetanus Diphtheria Pertussis (TDAP) shot. Even though I had a TD shot just four years ago from a pedicure gone wrong, I guess there’s an outbreak of Pertussis in the US and it’s recommended to have the vaccine.

I was slightly, okay, very, nervous before every.single.jab.

I read the CDC VIS (Vaccine Information Statement) for each vaccine, and just before each jab I re-read it so I knew what to expect.

After each jab, I would be very aware of my body to see if something weird happened. After 24 hours passed, I could breathe easy.

I mean, what if they gave me the wrong vaccine? What if something went horribly wrong? What if I moved? What if it was expired?

And for those of you who know me, I asked all of these questions.

In fact, when I was getting the TDAP vaccine I asked my doctor so many questions that he just handed over the label from the TDAP bottle so I could take a look.

Of course when I got to a computer I Googled it and it and I noticed that the logo from the actual vaccine was slightly different from the logo on the pharmaceutical website. So of course I worried for a hot ten minutes that it was a fake.

Who does that?

But, just for the record, the shot that made me feel the worst…TDAP. I was under the weather for over a week. A WEEK!

And it was THE MOST NORMAL JAB TO GET. No problem with Typhoid or Yellow Fever. The TDAP.

It shocked me too.


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