Jabs: Yellow Fever and MMR

Yellow Fever and MMR are live vaccines. I’m not exactly sure what that means other than it’s the live virus which totally freaked me out.
If you need both, you can either get them at the same time, or at least 28 days apart for the best efficacy.
What I also found out that when you get the MMR vaccine, you can potentially be contagious to unvaccinated people for up to two weeks. Well, two women close to me were pregnant.
Being overly cautious, I checked with several nurses and the places where I got vaccinated but I gave a list of all possible vaccines I was going to get, and then some, and made both women check with their OB-GYN to ensure that if I got vaccinated I could be around them, and their unborn children.
Both of their OB-GYNs confirmed we were good to go. 
Better safe than sorry I say. I’d never forgive myself if I passed on anything from these vaccines to an unborn child.
Again, I am not a medical professional. Please refer to one for any needs relating to your health, vaccinations or unborn children.

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