Word of the Day: Ferrocarril

As Laura continued showing me around Colonia on my first night, I learned my first new word on this adventure; ferrocarril.

The second attraction we visited was the Museo del Ferrocarril, a railroad museum.

We wandered around and Laura translated the guide’s explanations for me.

I learned about the railway lines that transported people, animals and cargo around Uruguay many years ago.

Everything was the original and all of the items had been restored. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos in the actual train cars but we walked through them.

Laura and her mom needed to get ready for dinner* for a friend’s birthday so they dropped me off at my apartment at 10.30pm so we made plans to meet at ten the next morning.

Thanks to the kindness of Laura and her mom, I received an incredible welcome on my first day in Uruguay!

* Yes, really. I was quickly reminded that dinner is not served early.


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