What is CouchSurfing?

Are you wondering what CouchSurfing is and why I chose to utilize it? It connects like-minded people to one another.

You don’t need to host to connect with other travelers, you just have to want to meet them.

In fact, I did not contact Laura to stay with her. Laura is an English teacher and we had been communicating in English and Spanish via email. I had contacted her to meet up and see a place through a local’s eyes.

I chose to contact Laura for several reasons. Her profile was interesting and came with a lot of positive reviews (yes, you can review people), she was my age and she taught English. I had figured that no matter how bad my Spanish was, we could always fall back on English.

When I was getting ready to leave Colonia, I thought that if my first CouchSurfing experience with Laura signaled a sign of things to come, it has to be the best idea ever.


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