Making Our Way to Paula’s House

The map was pretty accurate. Where it was green was grass and the tic tac toe board of brown were the dirt roads. Bikes, cars and foot traffic determined where the ‘road’ would be. You could tell that grass used to cover the now exposed dirt.

As we pulled down the final stretch of dirt road to Paula’s house, I realized this was not at all what I was expecting, AND it was perfect.

This was not a hostel as I thought I knew it. On Paula’s property were a few cabins. Romina took Mariela and I to the one she had already secured. The room had three bunk beds and we’d quickly learn we had the room to ourselves.

The room would have been tight with six people, but for the three of us, it was perfect.

We dropped our bags and Romina gave us the grand tour – the bathroom, which was in a ‘cabin’ a few doors down, the kitchen, where we would put in our dinner order for the night and the backyard.

Paula’s backyard was huge! There were tables surrounded by hay bales to sit on and looked so relaxing.

We went into the kitchen and met Esteban, the chef at the hostel. We placed our dinner orders and then headed to the market to get wine and snacks.

The directions to the supermarket/liquor store/pharmacy (all one shop) were something along the lines of turn right at the big tree, left at the blue car and find the white house on the end.

It was about a ten minute walk but we found it. We picked up necessities (wine and snacks – see we really all hav the same needs!) and headed back to Paula’s.


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