Bonding Over Vino in Paula’s Backyard

Romina, Mariela and I split a bottle of red in the backyard and got to know one another. We talked about culture, countries, language and of course, traveling!

Romina spoke English and Spanish, Mariela’s English was probably better than my Spanish, but she hesitated to speak English. So Romina did a lot of translating!

Romina translated where necessary, but the two girls were away for the weekend and I didn’t want to interrupt with questions and make Romina do so much work. So I listened and tried to figure it out.

Thankfully, my Spanish got better (or so I thought) with each sip of wine.

Romina and Mariela treated me like an old friend and I had known them all of two hours. We hung out in the backyard with the other guests for a few hours as we waited for dinner but the three of us stuck closely together.

Dinner was served around 11. We had an amazing homecooked meal, with another bottle of wine. I felt like I was out with my own friends at home! We finished dinner and continued to chat in the dining room. When I saw that it was nearly 12.30 I mistakenly thought we’d head to bed soon.

But the night was just beginning.


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