From Mom

From Mom


Just writing to let you know we are thinking of you.  Hope all is well.  Hope to speak or hear from you soon!!!  Take pictures and love you, love you, love you.

Be safe, stay well and enjoy.

Love you,


To Mom (Sent with spotty internet – I had no idea how long it would be up for. This is exactly how I wrote it – no caps, no chit chat, no nothing!)

google la pedrera that’s where i am tonight

google punta del este thats where i was last night

google cabo polonia thats where im going in a few days. no electricity at night there.miss you too. everything okay? no wifi so no skype til a few days.
talk soon. ciao.
From Mom

OK, so we see you are touring the beaches.  However, this Cabo Polonia has a population of 72, no access by roads…

You have to hike the dunes or take a 4×4. Water is gotten from a well and no electric. WHY are you going there????

PLEASE be CAREFUL!!!!!  Where are you staying when you get there?????  Only 72 people live there.

What happened to Montevideo????

Are you in hostels in Punte del Este and in La Pedrera?

Send pictures and your flight home please.



I have been away less than a week and she already wants my return flight information?!

So many questions and I didn’t know how long my internet connection would last. I left her wondering since I didn’t check email in time to get this one before I headed to Cabo Polonia and no electricity!


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