Heading to Town

I may have failed to mention it was cold out. We were close to the ocean and even in jeans and a fleece, I was chilly.

Romina and Mariela went back to the room to freshen up. I had limited attire, and I was freezing, so I stayed as is.

Now it was nearly 1am, and I was comfortable in my jeans, tank and fleece. And ladies, I even had my Keens on.

I was cold and I didn’t know what to expect and for some reason, I didn’t even think to at least put flip flops on.

We headed out. The three of us were in jeans and tanks. The difference, and why I felt so dorky, was that they had cardigans and nice sandals. I was in a fleece and hiking shoes.

We were in a small, casual beach town that screamed of flip flops, jeans and tanks.

What I quickly learned was that some girls didn’t care what the temperature was! All the bars we went to were outside or open-air and some of these girls were barely dressed!

We ordered pitchers of beer, and since the music was so loud, dancing is a universal language! Yes, even in my Keens.


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