Hopping Around Town, On the Only Street in Town

When Romina introduced Mariela and I to people around the bar, everyone I met was so friendly and eager to talk to me.

I found that many people wanted to practice their English with me, which was so great. Especially because up until now, I found that many people were hesitant to speak English with a native speaker. I guess alcohol loosens everyone up with their language skills, including me!

It was great fun listening to places in the States people wanted to visit, or ask about, or tell me where they had family living. New York is a popular place!

The other thing people kept asking me was, with a bit of disbelief, ‘Why are you here?’

Was it because they don’t think Americans travel? Was it because Americans don’t ge around to these parts?

The chef from the hostel met us out later and introduced us around to his friends.

After bar hopping on the main (only) street, I firmly believe after all of those introductions, I was the only person not from the continent out that night.


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