An Unexpected Offer, Vague Advice and a Surprise!

Over our noqui lunch, Romina and Mariela invited me to stay in each of their apartments when I arrived in Montevideo later that week.

Remember, this was the weekend and they were both headed back to their apartments in Montevideo for the week — it’s like they headed to the shore for the weekend.

I told them I had no problem staying in a hostel yet they each insisted I stay with them. I took both their numbers and emails and we agreed that I would send an email when I knew my plan and the day that I’d be heading back to Montevideo.

I was overwhelmed by their generosity and excited to see Montevideo through the eyes of locals.

Would you think twice about inviting this solo backpacker into your home? They didn’t even bat an eye and insisted I meet them.

We left lunch and walked towards a shop that sold bus tickets. En route, we ran into Esteban, from the hostel. He was heading towards the hostel to report for his shift. We told him that I would be heading back that way too and if he’d come with us for the bus tickets, I could head back with him, rather than on my own, since the girls were going right back to the beach.

He agreed and the four of us headed towards a shop that sold tickets in order to buy my onward ticket to Cabo Polonia.

Once I had my ticket, I said goodbye to Romina and Mariela knowing I would see them in a few days in Montevideo. Esteban and I headed back on a main road that I hadn’t seen prior.

It was paved!!! A paved road!!

He asked if I minded hitchhiking. I thought about it for half a second and said sure.

Sorry mom and dad. It was really hot, Esteban said it was a few kilometers and I needed to ensure I had enough time to grab my bags, find a place to stay (wishful thinking) and make my way back to the ‘bus’ stop.

Esteban tried waving down other cars but no luck – breathe easy, mom and dad – we walked the rest of the way.


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