En Route to Cabo Polonio

Esteban and I arrived at Paula’s house. Paula had known I was heading to Cabo Polonia and had given me a business card for her friend’s hostel, but there was no website. Or phone number. Or address, aside from ‘Cabo Polonia, Uruguay.’

Paula simply told me to ask around when I got to town. Unsure of what to expect, I took the business card and hoped for the best. I forgot to take a photo of Paula’s house but here’s a picture of the postcard she gave me as a souvenier.

I started to wonder what I was getting into. Online, there weren’t many places with reviews, or addresses even. And less information when I Googled Cabo Polonio, and I wasn’t really sure where I would be sleeping that night.

Clearly, I wouldn’t be able to figure it out until I arrived so I grabbed my bags, said my goodbyes and Paula and I headed out in the Scooby Doo van – there were no seatbelts and I’m not sure I would classify what I sat in as a seat. It was sort of a hollowed out van with a gas pedal and brakes.

I felt like we were in a parade. Paula knew the whole town and spent the whole drive to the bus stop waving to everyone and stopping to say hola! I couldn’t help but smile. This is not your mom’s trip to Uruguay!

Paula dropped me off at the bus stop – the hut on the side of a dirt road – where I would wait for the bus to Cabo Polonia.

Figuring the bus would be continuing on the side of the road where I had been dropped off, I headed over to a couple with backpacks. Wanting to check that I was, in fact, in the right spot, waiting for the right bus to Cabo Polonia, I asked in Spanish if they were heading to the east.

To my surprise, they replied, that they were, in English.


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