Daisy’s House

After we exchanged names we shared the other requisite information – them: where are you from (Germany), how long you’ve been in South America (one month), how long you’re traveling for (three months), where are you heading (to the north of Uruguay and then heading north on the continent) – I asked where they were staying.

They told me they got a recommendation from another traveler to go to Daisy’s house.

They asked where I was staying and I told them I really had no idea other than a business card. They invited me to join them. I figured they knew Daisy, and if they were offering, that she had a lot of beds.

I agreed, and hoped for the best. I was really hoping that there would be a spare bed because I had no idea what to expect with Daisy’s business card, or what to expect when we got to the town.

The bus came a few minutes later. We didn’t get seats together but agreed that we’d connect again once we arrived in Cabo Polonio since we all knew that we’d need to board 4×4 trucks for a 30 minute trip from the bus stop to the actual village. I sat back and wondered what German efficiency thought of this ‘we’ll figure it out’ mentality.

Other than my conversations with Romina, all that I knew about Cabo Polonia was from Wikipedia.


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