Sights around Cabo Polonio

The bus dropped us off on the side of the road. Just a few of us got off at the stop.

Everyone that got off knew we needed to buy tickets and we all followed one another to where the trucks were gathered. We purchased our tickets for the 4×4 trip to Cabo Polonio.

The journey would take 30 minutes and the views on the empty beach were pretty cool.

(This is a photo as we arrived into town). We were the only truck on the beach at the time so I only got shots of the pristine beach from our particular 4×4 — but the views were stunning. It’s amazing that a place like this exists.

another shot of the 4x4 trucksthe 'road' to cabo polonia
When we arrived in Cabo Polonio, I learned that the directions to Daisy’s place were a bit like a scavenger hunt. We were to find the supermarket and ask for Daisy’s house. There, someone would be able to direct us.

Yes, someone would know. Was Daisy the mayor? Was the town this small?

Um. Yes, practically and yes.

We headed to the supermarket per my new friend’s notes. Here, a shot of the supermarket.

buy bus tickets on the left and shop in the supermarket on the right

Sure enough, as my new friends were promised, at the supermarket someone knew and we were directed to (or at least pointed in the direction of) Daisy’s house/apartment/shelter. This is the view from the supermarket. Cozy cottages dotted the landscape.

I’m so curious. This couple hadn’t been in Uruguay for more than a few weeks. How did they meet Daisy? Who is Daisy? Are they good friends? Am I crashing on an old friend’s reunion?

At this point, I’m so confused. From the pieces of conversation that I’m picking up – I begin to realize – this couple doesn’t know who Daisy is either! Here I am thinking they know her, and I know Daisy just as much as they do.

My curiosity was absolutely piqued and I couldn’t wait to find Daisy’s house and my accommodations (I hoped!) for the evening.

what the village looked like


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