A Tour of Daisy’s House

After stopping in at two houses we thought was Daisy’s (remember we had nothing more than the man at the supermarket pointing in the general direction of Daisy’s house to guide us), we arrived.

We meet Daisy’s daughter, who was well into her fifties. I had been thinking Daisy was around our age.

My German friends secured a double bed in a private room — the only private room. I scored the last bed in the place upstairs in the attic. It took a little work to get to my sleeping spot.

Here’s a photo tour of our accommodations.

Note: pictures do this situation absolutely no justice.

This was the ladder I had to climb to get upstairs to my bed. When I made it to the top, I learned that I would be sharing an attic with two roommates.

stairs to my bed

Once I made it up the ladder I would be coming up through this hole. See the beer on the floor? That’s mine. And that red blanket? That’s the bed I would be sleeping in. Once the sun went down, there would be no electricity. Good thing I am not a sleepwalker, right?

the hole i climbed to my bed (with the red blanket) note the beer on the floor

Getting ready for sunset.

preparing for sunset

Here’s another view of, for a lack of better words, the hole. The boy of the German couple was really tall. So tall that he had to duck everywhere in Daisy’s house, except for the kitchen (which sadly, I have no photos of). His height proved helpful for me since he was able to lift my backpack up the hole so I didn’t need to maneuver up the ladder with my pack on my back.

literally the hole i came up from

To get to the bathroom you had to go outside to a separate room. Think port-a-potty with walls. I still don’t know why this toilet was on a pedestel.

There was no counter space by the sink and since water wasn’t drinkable, imagine trying to brush your teeth holding a water bottle and miscellaneous toiletries. At this point one of my eyes were in so much pain that I no longer had to worry about contact lenses and solutions so a few less things that I had to balance at the sink.

the toilet

This barrel had a huge dish inside to scoop water into the toilet in order to ‘manually’ flush it. Ladies, keep an eye out. No matter who came out of the bathroom, the seat was always up thanks to the manual flushing system.

the water to fill the toilet to 'flush' it

And this is Daisy’s house.

The three of us dropped our bags by our beds, or in my case, raised them, and together made our way back to the supermarket to figure out our dinner before the sun goes down!


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