Cabo’s Supermarket

My new friends and I headed back to the supermarket to get provisions for dinner. It seemed like everyone had the same idea. The supermarket was jumping!

Stepping into the supermarket was like going back in time.

An old icebox held milk, eggs and yogurt.

fridge in the supermarket
The scale was rusty from years of use and it was so charming. The man behind the counter had a manual weight to check the price against what was on the scale.


In the corner, stacks of boxes housed batteries and flashlights.

The three of us chipped in for a variety of vegetables, breads and cheeses, and beer. Once the sun went down we had headlamps and beers. And candles like these found on tables at a bar on the walk back to Daisy’s.

Heading back to Daisy’s house, I really took it all in. My parents were probably freaking out because they wouldn’t hear from me for over 36 hours and here in Cabo Polonio I couldn’t even contact them if I wanted to.


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