Back at Daisy’s

Back at Daisy’s we met the rest of the house. We sat around the candles, ate dinner in the grass and finished a few beers before the last candle went out.

Once our candle burned out, we said goodnight. My excitement for a good night’s sleep soon fizzled. There were no locks on the door of the house, and I certainly didn’t have a door to my room. (Remember I entered my room through a hole in the floor). Oh, and one of my roommates was missing. Hopefully they wouldn’t be too loud but we certainly didn’t have to worry about anyone coming back and waking me up by flipping on the lights – since there weren’t any.

Climbing up the ladder to my bed for the night, I mentioned to my new friends that I hope I don’t hurt myself climbing in the dark. One of my roommates told me “It’s best if you don’t. There’s no hospital in the village.”

Knowing how my eyes ached, I had a twinge of nervousness. Knowing I wouldn’t be seeing an eye doctor until I reached Montevideo in a few more days, I was hoping for the best until then.

Once I got into bed I realized the sound of the wind. Not sure if the roof was sturdy, but I didn’t have much to lose. My backpack, holding everything I owned, was on the floor next to my bed. My headlamp, my iPod, my glasses and case joined me and my sleep sack in the bed. If the roof blew off, I only had a few things to hold onto.


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