Advertising is All Over

After the beach, Romina and I walked a bit around Montevideo and I couldn’t help but notice all of the advertising.

Romina and I met up with a friend of hers for lunch who was amazed that I had been on the beach for over a week and I was still pale in comparison.

Pale in Comparison

We headed to a posh area of town to visit this mall and I don’t know if my awareness was piqued or if there seemed to be so much more advertising than at home.

Signs like in New York advertising an upcoming movie or music release were plastered on every bit of scaffolding real estate around the city.

Leo Masliah

Logo look familiar? Hint: it’s a popular chewing gum brand in the US.


At the mall — which used to be a former prison.

Punta Carretas

Dove covers the escalators with their advertising.


It appears that Visa is everywhere you want to be. Those signs ahead were plastered every twenty feet or so.


Why the warning to just the mom, I wondered?


High-end mate canisters for sale. Will get to the national obsession with mate and these colorful containers. Hint: I am a convert. I loved it.

More mate


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