Visiting the Hospital in Montevideo

The next morning, I called the Embassy again and they told me to go to the British Hospital — which, thanks to Lonely Planet, was where I was going to visit anyway.

I didn’t think I needed a hospital for my eye but I wasn’t about to take any chances. Romina and I went to the British Hospital. On the way there she told me this was the ‘posh hospital.’ I was intrigued.

We arrived and went to the floor for eyes. I signed in and took a seat.

No more than 15 minutes later my name was called. We were brought into the room (yes, I took Romina with me!) and we met my doctor, who spoke excellent English, and I had a full exam with a diagnosis and a prescription, less than one hour later.

Eye doctor

British Hospital

My total bill? Approximately $100 USD. I had travel insurance which I would need to submit this to but $100 USD for an out-of-pocket payment for an emergency room visit, in a private hospital. Not sure how the hospital industry works but this would NEVER happen in the US. A trip in an ambulance alone costs over $400 in New York City.Outside the Hospital

The prescriptions would mean no contacts for another week and eye drops for the next three weeks but I was well on my way to recovery!


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