First Comes Shopping then Comes Sightseeing

The streets cleared out. So I took a different route back to the hotel and this is what I saw along the way.

Not sure what this was but I loved the stone work and the rounded wood doors.

beautiful stone building

This entire stand was selling fake flowers. They looked so real even standing next to them.

these were fake flowers

I popped into a mall — this didn’t have the same closing time as the center of town but I wasn’t in a shopping mood. It was a huge mall, and just like the one in Uruguay, advertising was everywhere!


No visit is complete without a stop at the local supermarket. I love browsing and seeing the brands and the logos I am familiar with, with their local name. I also like seeing the popular products and you can learn a lot about a country’s cultures and likes from browsing the markets.

Here, there was quite the selection of boxed wine, and Cepita, the South American equivalent of Minute Maid.

Note: When I was there, the exchange rate was approximately 4 Argentine Pesos to 1 US Dollar. That 6.49 you see for a box of wine is actually $1.62 USD.

wine  juice


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