Venturing to the Vines

If this sounds like the longest day ever, it really was. As it neared 5pm, I made my way towards The Vines and I arrived at the tasting room just shy of 5p. I met Emily, the head of marketing, and she joined me for a tasting flight. The wines were amazing.

Emily invited me to visit the Uco Valley property the following evening for an overnight stay on the finca (land belonging to the winery). I was also invited to a weekly tasting event at the Hyatt on Thursday night. I already had plans on Thursday during the day with my new airport friends, Rafael and Gustavo. Being that it was only Monday, I figured a week in one place couldn’t hurt. Especially when that place was Mendoza.

After the private tasting, I joined the other guests at the bar and got to chatting to two other American backpackers. We started to talk about things to do outside of the city. I had recalled that earlier, in my hostel, I had seen a brochure for a water park at my hostel, and I brought it up to them as a suggestion for something different. After a few more glasses, we headed out to dinner.

Plans continued to evolve over dinner and as we said good night, the three of us agreed to meet in the morning at a statue in the park to head out for a day trip to the water park situated in the Andes.

When I returned to the hostel, I emailed with my new airport friends and we decided on Thursday for our wine tasting day together!


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