Heading to Termas Cacheutas

The next morning I woke up and, since I was invited to sleep at the villas that night, I got ready to check out. I locked my bags in the lockers in the basement, had some breakfast at the hostel and headed to the park where we agreed to meet.


Arrived at our meeting place a little early so sat on a park bench waiting.

And waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

Realizing it had been a while, and without means to contact my travel companions for the day, I decided to leave. I only had until 6 so I would have time to get back to the hostel to collect my bags and make it to the Vines for the van’s 7p departure.

As I walked away from our meeting place, I didn’t get very far until I heard my name being called from across the park.

We hoofed it to the Mendoza bus terminal to catch a bus to the Termas Cacheutas. The three of us spent far too much time in the Mendoza bus terminal, which isn’t even that big. After visiting what seemed like every single (open) bus operator we learned that the buses to our destination only left every three hours. Oops.

Quickly we found the taxi line, and spoke with a driver who confirmed that he would take us. With the proposed pricing, it would cost us each about $25 for a roundtrip, plus a driver tip. We all agreed and got into the taxi.


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