My tour of Maipu

Rafael and Gustavo, who I had met in the Cordoba airport after our plane had to turn back after flying halfway to Mendoza, had offered to take me wine tasting in their neighborhood – and spectacular Argentine wine region, Maipú.

We had planned to meet up while I was in Mendoza and this was the day! Unfortunately, Gustavo wound up having to work so it was Rafael and I for the day. Rafael and I had planned for him to pick me up in the main square where my taxi driver had originally dropped me off upon my arrival to town.

Rafael had a big day planned for us. We kicked it off with a vineyard tour. Upon arriving at the vineyard, we agreed to take a tour. There was a small group already forming – 6 or so – and we joined.

I was the only native English speaker on the tour. Our guide kindly offered to to do the tour in both English and Spanish but I encouraged him to do it only in Spanish but asked if he would speak a little slower. I actually picked up quite a bit – even with vocabulary I might not have known prior.

To my delight, our guide kept the question and answer sessions in Spanish.

maipu 2


The vineyard’s property extends to the farthest row of trees in the distance. Not to mention the property that I am standing in front of.


Rafael and I.


Standard vineyard shots. Don’t the color of those grapes look incredible?


There’s something so pretty about these rows…row after row, after row after row, and not a vine out of place.




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