Trivento…means three winds

Our wine tasting around Maipú continues!

Next stop! Trivento.

Trivento translated means three winds. Three winds make their way through the vines to create the perfect wine. The tasting room was simple, airy and beautiful and, not surprisingly, every one of the wines we tasted were delicious.

[Update: I’ve continued to buy Trivento wine in the States, and it is still delicious! Sometimes wine happens to taste better on the vineyard during a tasting, but the wine from this vineyard is equally as good thousands of miles away!]

trivento 1

trivento 2

After Rafael and I finished our wine tasting at Trivento, it was just about time for lunch! Lunch was yummy, and the company was divine but one of the memorable elements at lunch was this table.

Look very closely under the glass tabletop. What do you see under the glass?

lunch 1

If you think it’s pasta sitting in each of those rows, you are right. All of the tables were identical to this one.

Loved it! No need for a centerpiece when your tables do it for you!


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