First email home…

The original email I sent home was in all lower case, and lacked punctuation, and I will keep it as such, only because it shows how I was speeding through to get an email out to let everyone know I had made it to my destination. However, I did remove totally irrelevant pieces. But, rereading this as-is makes me laugh because you could tell I was exhausted and pressed for time.

While my previous blogs about my journey thus far covered what happened after I can take a step back from the situation, here’s how it was written when I was in the middle of it!

I added hyperlinks to link back to those stories as I have written them out, after the fact, if you needed to play catch up.


hola familia!

i have arrived in uruguay! i dont know how much free time i have of internet so here’s one long email to all of you. unfortunately i was told (after 45 minutes of aimless wandering in the airport) that i wouldnt be able to use the business class lounge and the shower unless i had another flight today.

so much for that nice shower i was dreaming of. while i slept. in a bed. in business class 🙂 i am not sure i will ever be able to fly coach on a long haul flight ever again.

i had halibut and risotto for dinner with a cheese and fruit plate for dessert. nearly all the tvs in coach were broken and mine wasnt great but i was only up for a few hours. my pillows and down comforter (yes, im totally serious) awaited me 🙂

was able to take a taxi (this is a story in itself — i felt like i was on the amazing race with a bad taxi driver. he was asking EVERYONE where to go and everyone but him seemed to know and i was racing the clock because i wanted to make the 12.30 so i wasnt sitting around all day) to the port and get on the 12.30 ferry to colonia uruguay instead of the 6.30 so i have just arrived here.

first order of business, find the info center and get a map, check and second, find out if they have wireless, check and third, let you all know i am alive.

the port where the ferry left from was puerto madero, where we had lunch last year with a and c with the big gnocci and the cheap steak with the spinach deliciousness – the restaurant was happenings, and i even saw the ice cream place we ate afterwards. i felt like i knew better than the taxi driver and i was there once.

i wasnt on the street in colonia more than a minute and saw my first stray dog. ugh

thanks to accruing a lot of american airlines miles [through a previous job], here’s how i flew down 🙂

ok off to find lodging for tonight. thanks to studying trip advisor, i already know where i want to stay, for 17 dollars a night.

ps – my sea cat ferry wound up getting put on the buque bus ferry anyway. more on why its such a scam later. it was only 3/4 full too.

pps – its SUNNY AND HOT HERE 🙂 people are in sandals, dresses, shorts and im in yoga pants and a long sleeved thermal. i need a shower asap.

ppps – boyfriend – please can you call citibank and find out when i took out money at a citibank in the airport it said i would get a charge from another bank called banelco. im not supposed to get any charges. thanks. love you all and i will check in again soon. not sure when i will be buying a phone but when i do i will send you the number. just check with your carrier to see if you will be charged if i call you from an international number.

boyfriend – also i will try to call you collect today when i can find a pay phone that is not near stray dogs.

love you all.


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