Stumbling (Figuratively) and Hopefully Not Literally

After a refreshing shower, I had left my (ok, really Fred’s) apartment and wandered around Colonia alone for a few hours before I was scheduled to meet Laura.

As I explored Colonia on my own, I turned a corner and stumbled (figuratively) onto this gorgeous pier.

Here’s a wider shot of the pier. I didn’t want to get this close because I was nervous I would fall (literally) so excuse the people in the photo.

I laughed when I saw this Ravens jersey in Uruguay – the brother-in-law and his family, and by association, my sister, are huge, huge, huge Ravens fans.

After taking in the views, I realized something was missing. Can you guess?

Here’s another shot.

Did you figure it out yet?

Well, I will tell you. GUARDRAILS.

Not only were there no guardrails but as you can see in the fourth photo, the boards were pretty far apart. I lost my flip flop in between those boards more than once.

I am not good with numbers but this had to be close to, if not more, a ten foot drop into the water below. With no guardrails. Anywhere.

I took in the views for a little while, took a few photos to record my disbelief and then I headed back towards solid land to continue my exploration of this historic city.


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