Third Night in Uruguay, First Night in a Hostel

After making my way into the hostel, I went into the dorm and got ready for bed. It was nearly 11pm and this “adventure” to get back to the hostel took nearly six hours.

Three nights into my trip and, thanks to Fred and Laura, this was my first hostel stay.

As soon as I put my stuff into my backpack, my roommates for the night started to trickle in.

Everyone but me was a South American on holiday. Two Brazilian sisters, an Argentine girl traveling alone, two Chilean guys and me. Six of us were a veritable UN as we chatted in Spanish, Portuguese and very little English for a few hours more.

Ok, well I spoke in Spanish. I don’t know a lick of Portuguese. And I felt that if I could speak in Spanish, I should.

Everyone asked everyone questions about themselves and their cultures.

What I wanted to ask, but didn’t, was if they were all on holiday, it was a Friday night, they all come from countries that eat dinner late, why were they all getting ready for bed before midnight?

Six of us did say buenos noches before our seventh roommate made it home.

However, four of us were wide awake to welcome her back since the two Chilean guys were the loudest snorers ever. And  thought my boyfriend is a loud snorer. He doesn’t even compare to these two.

Since I had only ‘been on the road’ for all of three days, I wasn’t in tune with hostel life yet. I laid in bed wondering where I packed my earplugs and/or iPod. I couldn’t think if they were easily accessible in my backpack that was sitting on the floor next to my bed.

Not wanting to wake anyone, I suffered in silence while the two guys in the room snored loudly.

Time was ticking away and I realized that all the girls were still up. I saw lights from phones and I heard Ay Dios Mio more than once. One by one the girls in the room all made some sort of noise, or signal, to indicate that we, too, were still awake.

Language barriers aside, once realizing we were all awake, we erupted in laughter for a few minutes. And the snoring continued without missing a beat.

Realizing that I wouldn’t wake the girls and it wouldn’t be so terrible to wake the boys, I got out of bed to find my iPod.

I jacked the volume up so  may have lost a little bit of hearing that night, and I still don’t know how I fell asleep, but I did my best to drown out those two snorers.


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