Cabo Polonio Exploration

Continuing from my time in Cabo Polonio…and the windy night

After what seemed like a few minutes later, the sun was up. I was the first one up so I cut a piece off from some bread we had bought at the supermarket and headed out. I wanted to explore the village, buy a bus ticket to Minas and hit the beach!

Before leaving Colonia, I had emailed with my CouchSurfing hosts in Minas, that I probably wouldn’t arrive until after 7 that evening (enough time to have the whole day in Cabo Polonio but early enough that I would arrive during daylight and well before dinner).

I headed out and literally took a hike. I walked around the water’s edge and followed the path worn into the grass. I did see a lot of baseball sized poop. I figured it was the horses I saw the previous day.

baseball sized poop









And then, I saw them…sea lions or walruses (not sure which).



sea lion or walrus

Not behind barbed wire, not on display like at a zoo – just sea lions chilling on the rocks. There were a few of us that happened upon the sunbathing sea lions and we proceeded to ooh and ahh together and take photographs.

I’m not well-versed in sea lions – and if they like being photographed, or how fast they move, had they been pissed – but everyone seemed to be respectful of their space and they did not move more than a few inches while I was there.

I got in a few photos and then watched in awe. They love the sun as much as I do. They lounged around and hardly even moved for the time I was there.

As I walked on the beach in Cabo Polonio admiring the sea lions, I was joined by a few other people doing the same thing. One person in the group spoke English and asked if I was traveling alone. I said yes. She shared the info with the others, and then said that I was very brave. They all nodded in unison.

At this point I wasn’t feeling so brave.

While I was enjoying the rustic nature of Cabo Polonio and was really trying to immerse myself in the relaxed feel of the village, I couldn’t get this nagging feeling to go away.

I had spent a few hours alone watching other people enjoy their vacations with their friends and I was feeling kind of lonely.

I was missing the company of Laura in Colonia and Romina and Mariela in La Pedrera. I wasn’t really certain about what to expect in Minas since I had only exchanged a few emails with my hosts. My eye was really bothering me and I was envious of the other people I saw having fun with their friends. I wasn’t sure if I was homesick or if I just really wanted running water. Pity party for one, please.

I continued my walk around to the other side of the village where there were a few stalls/trailers selling jewelry and food. I stopped at a beach shack to buy an apple juice and asked where I could buy bus tickets. He shrugged. I wasn’t sure if my Spanish wasn’t great — donde esta comprar boletos de autobus — or if he didn’t want to deal with me. I continued my attempt at asking around town and either no one knew or I didn’t understand the reply.

Since it was nearing late morning, I decided to head back to Daisy’s.

I still wanted to spend some time on the pristine beach, and I had to hope that someone would have more information on the bus situation.


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