All is well, until it is not

Arriving into Vina, collecting my backpack and finding a taxi felt like it took just minutes. I was soon en route to my hostel, where I knew I had a bed waiting.

It seemed like no time before checking in and finding my room, which had 8 bunks. After quick introductions and a quick scan of the room, it looked like it was just 3 of us for the night. There were no other backpacks or beds awaiting their owners.

Score! A party town and it looked like I was going to get a good night’s sleep since my roommates were already in bed reading! Unless someone else was checking in even later, this room was going to be quiet tonight.

It looked like everything was finally working out after all. I just had to take my first dose of medicine. Remember that medicine from the pharmacy in Argentina? From the bloody arm fiasco at the hotel in Mendoza?

It was a powder medicine, so I mixed in some bottled water and took my first dose of medicine and went straight to bed.

Woke up after a terrific night’s sleep (and one hell of a long day before) and took my second dose of medicine. Threw on a bathing suit and cover up (after all, we’re in a Chilean beach town) and went to the common area to meet up with Cara and her friends.

Cara had heard there was a Starbucks in town. I don’t drink coffee but I was certainly up for exploring since I had only seen the streets of Vina by dark just a few hours before.

So Cara, two of her friends and I headed out to find Starbucks.

After a short walk and a longer wait we were about to place our orders. And I started feeling a horrible pain in my legs.


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