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Skype Shopping

My sister and I Skype quite a bit. Love it. The best part about Skype is actually seeing her while we catch up.

Because of her good sense of style, I have declared her my personal shopper. So, the other best part about Skype is that we can online shop together. I send her links, she shares her screen and we go through them together. In our pajamas and across the country.

She finds it, I buy (some of) it.

Great way to spend – pun intended – a Sunday.

Slow Sushi System

Boyfriend and I went for sushi last night and I have come up with a system so there’s not a whole lot of food on the table all at once.

I should clarify. I am a pretty slow eater. Before you say it, I have heard it before. You know someone who eats really slow.

I can pretty much guarantee I eat slower. Always have. To give you a point of reference, as a kid, my mom would have the dinner table cleaned up and the plates would be loaded into the dishwasher, and yes, I would still be eating.

I can remember everyone dispersing from the table and my mom cleaning the table and place mats and I would still be eating. Which looking back is really kind of rude. On the plus side, I don’t think I ever cleaned up after dinner as a kid, other than my own plate, because it was already cleaned up by the time I finished.

So you get it. I eat slowly. Back to sushi last night.

It’s quite simple really – put the appetizer order in, and when it comes out, put the rest of the order in. This buys me more time to eat the app so I don’t feel like I am rushed when the entree comes out. Also, it prevents all the food coming out at once in case the server screws up (which has happened and foiled the plan).

I must caveat that this only works in a sushi restaurant. Most other places like to put everything in at once, and being a former server, I get it and can respect it. They’ll still just have to wait until I finish.

Completely surrounded by creativity, I’m at a loss for a creative title

Last night I went to the opening reception of the latest exhibition at Sloan Fine Art on the Lower East Side.

Some background: There was an open call for artwork. Artists had been asked to submit artwork on a used NYC MetroCard and my cousin Kristy had submitted four pieces.

Already knowing her work rocks, I was all set to meet her at the gallery. Left work and took the F train to Delancey, walked half a block, turned a corner and there’s a mattress on the sidewalk of me. UGHHH.

I am already neurotic about bed bugs which makes me a little crazy so I instantly (and most likely, correctly) assume that it’s infested. So I veer as far away from it as I can, which is a little difficult as it’s a high-traffic sidewalk, without looking like a total freak. Oh, gross. My head is itching as I write this.

The gallery is packed so I wait on the sidewalk for her which is an extension of the gallery because there are so many people. Which is totally fine, because this is a great neighborhood for people watching.

Looking around I realize…OMG. I am the dorkiest person there! Well, there’s only a few of us that can be clumped into that category, but it’s  the category I still belong in. Very few people looked like they came from an office in midtown – and I’m no ‘suit.’ There are such fun outfits, colors and accessories. I look SO lame but yet earlier in the day, at work, I looked hip compared to some people.

Once Kristy and her friends arrived, we headed inside. Super cool exhibition with hundreds of metro cards, including hers.

The exhibition at Sloan is open until March 26.

You should totally check out more of Kristy’s work

sidenote: Can you tell I just learned how to put links to websites in my posts?!


Happy St. Patty’s Day! Today is when the world wants to be Irish, and I am no exception.

Listening to all the crowds outside my office window earlier today made me reminisce for more carefree days. Back then some may have called me lucky, no pun intended, that my geographic location enabled me to partake in one of the world’s biggest St. Patty’s Day celebrations. Some may not.

Besides the green shirts, the drinking and the good times, I am also reminded of various injuries sustained on St. Pat’s. Not just mine, mind you.

Like the scar on my left knee that’s still there all these years later. That was a result of trying to catch my pizza slice when the box went flying. Or what about my dear friend’s chin and her scar after she fell in a gutter?

Some of you reading may be horrified, and others might be laughing. Just make sure you are laughing with me.

Another year, the parade in NYC – it fell on a Saturday, and at some point late in the day, I had to use the bathroom. I had the bright idea to not go into McDonald’s to use it but instead visit the nearby off-track betting shop, as I figured they must have bathrooms, with no line. And alas, I was right. Always thinking outside the box.

Now that I’m older and wiser, but certainly still fun, I’m planning on a low-key pint of Guinness with some friends later today. And as I am older and wiser, I am not anticipating any injuries.

A Pleasant Surprise

Getting to walk to a doctors appointment is one of the perks with city living.

Waiting 30 minutes to be seen is royally annoying, no matter where you live.

I totally understand doctors falling behind a few minutes throughout the day to put them that far behind for say a 4p appointment. But my appointment this morning was at 9am. I was one of the first appointments of the day!

The plus side of my visit was finding out that since my last appointment in August until today I lost a whopping 6 pounds.

I know this doesn’t sound like a lot given the time lapse and considering Lent (and my forced diet plan) started a week ago, but still, I’m pretty happy.

Maybe it was the healthy eating in Croatia, the hiking in Argentina or even getting sick in January, or maybe I am paying more attention to what I’m eating. Who cares. 6 pounds down is better than half a pound up!

Feedback Request

This is just a request for feedback on the blog so far. I am two and a half months in and I am looking to get feedback on what has been written so far.

If you’ve been following along, you know it’s very much a work in progress. It took some time to find my sea legs, and then some more time to play catch up from the Argentina trip. I am not going to apologize for not knowing exactly how to blog, or for going on vacation and not checking in – it was VACATION after all!  This is simply a work in progress, and I hope you continue to bear with me through it.

Are there certain blogs you love reading, are some pointless and annoying (like this one) — feel free to share. I’ve got tough skin, and besides, I am asking for it! Bring it on!

Feel free to post your feedback as a comment on this post or email it to

Thank you!

Retro is All the Rage

Thank you USA Today for letting me know that…“retro is all the rage at PepsiCo. The company is making throwback versions of Pepsi and Mountain Dew, sweetened with sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup, a permanent part of their lineup. Doritos is also going retro bringing back Taco Flavor Doritos with a 1980’s package design.” 
I hope they don’t release the new Mountain Dew until after Lent. And fortunately, Doritos are not potato chips.

Because they sound delicious!



I am so lucky to have the kinds of friends that you may not see every day, or even every month. But once we’re back together, it’s like nothing has changed. Even though so much has – after all, we’ve grown up. But…not too much, otherwise it would be BOR-ING.

Got to experience that several times over the weekend, and it was great.

Target Differences

Target in the Burbs is different than Target in Jersey City. Some of the differences are more obvious than others but we really noticed them while visiting a Target in the Burbs this weekend.

  • Parking lot full: Both were packed so it’s a wash
  • Working carts:  Target in the Burbs wins easily here; there were hundreds available and neatly organized at the entrance where JC has none or limited, and most are broken — Burbs +1
  • Prices: Probably a wash but I am just going to give it to the Burbs — Burbs +1
  • Cleanliness: Burbs wins hands down — Burbs +1
  • Crowds: While the parking lot was full, you’d never know it from walking around the store — Burbs +1
  • Customer service: For a return, helpful and efficient staff, I think the opposite in JC — Burbs +1
  • Staff: People in red shirts walking around asking if you need help (I didn’t but thanks for asking) — Burbs +1
  • Can cab it, or walk, to Target: JC wins — JC +1
  • Register lines: This could easily take 30 minutes in JC with half the registers actually open at a given time. Burbs opened another register when they saw that lines were more than 3 people deep — Burbs +1

Final Score
Target in the Burbs: With 6 points the clear WINNER

Wild Weather

It goes without saying that a few inches of rain that we experienced last night here in the Northeast is absolutely nothing compared to the devastation in Japan right now.

Unbelievable. The devastation is immense. Other than what I see on TV and on the internet, I cannot even imagine what is happening there, and what is going through the minds of the people over there other than sheer shock. It’s incomprehensible.

I have very dear friends who have many friends in Japan, and I have friends in Hawaii and all along the west coast of the US and in New Zealand. It seems like a quarter of the world is under a tsunami warning, so to my friends all over the globe, stay safe.

Mother Nature is one pissed off lady.