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Rain Reaction

In some cities when it rains, there are car accidents because people aren’t used to it.

In NYC, for some reason, people regress to a barbaric state.

Where is the common sense? Where is the personal space- throngs of people push like wild animals down the street-and in this proximity people resort to acting like caged animals let loose.

Case in point:

Example #1 – Woman pointing her umbrella out towards people walking at her and pops it open as they get close.

Example #2 – Dude you have a golf umbrella…on city streets? try not to aim the point if you are using it as a walking stick. Its not a spear.

Example #3 – The “lady” that uses the umbrella as a hat so its at eye level – just at the point where if I didn’t duck I’d have lost an eye.

Mind you- it wasn’t even raining that hard. I didn’t even open my umbrella so I decided to do what any short, savvy city girl would do.

I swung my (closed) umbrella. Sometimes in front of me, sometimes to my side – it was like having instant numchucks (not that I’ve ever even held a pair) and it instantly gave me a few more inches of personal space.

This was working fine until the last straw came…I was about to cross 42nd street and at the last second I decided to wait since a bus was rolling at me – and here is a douchey guy who shoved me towards the bus because he, his mom and his girlfriend (just guessing on the relationships) decide to follow me and not pay attention and oh, you know, stop. He caused a chain reaction pushing me inches from the bus when he couldn’t stop either.

In a huff I went and crossed 7th Ave (with the light) instead. I was in a bit of shock so it took all I had not to go back and give him a what for.

What gives?

40 days and 40 nights

Today is Lent. I have decided to participate and give some things up.

I have had friends give up gossip magazines, cheese, alcohol, dessert and Facebook.

If they can do it, so can I. Here goes:

1. Cheese — Cannot be eaten alone. Meaning I can eat it on pizza or in a sandwich, but not a slice out of the fridge here and there.

2. Soda — I don’t drink it a lot, so why not eliminate

3. Potato chips — I have added the caveat that I cannot eat full-fat potato chips but I can eat Baked Lays if the mood hits.

My hope is that making this public will encourage me to stick with it for the duration. Wish me luck.

Readers (if there are any), what are you giving up?

UPDATE: At lunchtime I attended a professional speaker session whose company will remain nameless but they make soda and a form of chips – both of which were served at the meeting.

I refrained from the soda, but did eat the ‘chips.’ On the package it did say 30% less fat than regular potato chips’ – so these are not POTATO chips.

There were also halfed sandwiches – the first half I chose was ham and tomato. The second half – mozzarella and tomato. I ate the bread, and not the tomato, so this does follow the rules. Pathetic that it’s lunchtime on the first day of Lent and I come so close to a fail. I am going to give me a bye on this. I have never observed Lent before so I need a learning curve.

Don’t judge. Please.

Working 9 to 5, and then some

I liked this article. I think it’s true. Take a look.>1=23000

I’ve had jobs that fall into every category:

1. server, bartender – Serving was my favorite job ever. When you were busy, you were making money and when you weren’t, you went home. Plus every shift you worked entitled you to a free meal, and as a college student, that was sweet.
2. cashier at a drugstore – I got busted in the local paper for unknowingly selling cigarettes to minors, when I sold a pack to an undercover reporter. After that, I only worked in the pharmacy or the gift wrap section.
3. telephone surveyor – You know who this is… the people that call at dinner.
4. painted houses – Yep, I actually responded to the college painters signs that you see on telephone poles.

Reflecting back on this short list I realized that I have had a lot of customer service jobs. Some summers I had multiple jobs, so some overlapped. I remember always having various uniforms in my car that I could change into at a moment’s notice. In no particular order, my non-desk jobs included:

  • Scooping ice cream at a local ice cream shop
  • Making bagel sandwiches at a bagel shop – very early hours
  • Taking phone orders at a pizza place – when we were really busy I had to actually make deliveries
  • Handing out flyers for a cell phone company – on the street outside of a subway station
  • Working in the mall at the Christmas stocking booth – you know, where you can get your name written in glitter on your stocking.
  • Lifeguarding – this only lasted a few hours. I had no certification or training and there was no one else guarding the pool. My mom made me quit at lunchtime.
  • Wrapping gifts – when ladies come behind the counter to wrap their gift purchase, you know you have no business working there.
  • Putting kids on rides at an amusement park – I will never go in a ball pit again.

One job I wanted but I didn’t get was working at the local car wash. You know when the car comes out and the people wipe it dry…I was in high school and I thought it would be a good way to work on my tan. My dad tried to make me feel better when he told me they probably don’t like to hire girls.

Monday, Monday

On your commute TO work, how many people do you really think enjoy what they do? Sadly, I think the number is way lower than it should be. All I see are heads down, people looking miserable, all rushing to get to a place they don’t really want to be.

One of my goals in life is to be rushing TO a workplace where I really want to be. Shouldn’t that be a goal for everyone?

Old New York

After a bridal shower, two of my girlfriends and I went to the Algonquin Hotel for a cocktail, which turned into two cocktails and a glass of champagne on the house.

When we walked into the hotel, it just had that Old New York feel to it. The cocktail list, the people hanging out and the decor. I found out later that’s the hotel my grandparents went to for their honeymoon!

My girlfriends and I had come in off the street from the bridal shower that was on the same block. We really wanted to know what was everyone else doing in there? Business people (on a Sunday afternoon?), prostitutes (on a Sunday afternoon?)…something to ponder, over a cocktail in a martini glass I suppose…

Battle of the Sexes

Last night. Game night. Board games. Battle of the Sexes.

Four boys against four girls.

The girls definitely need to study up on ridiculous trivia and current event knowledge though the wild cards definitely helped us out.

The boys were just lucky, this time.

Only in New York

Was walking to a friend’s apartment and on the corner of 42nd Street were two guys trying to sell a rack of coats. Yes, like the kind of rack you would see in a department store. It’s a street corner in the city about 7p not to mention 30 degrees and people were trying on coats as if they were in the middle of Bloomingdales.

While stopped at the light, laughing that this is so typically New York, I look to my right and see a man crossing the street, totally disregarding the light, with his pants unzipped with his genitalia hanging out, and then you realize…only in New York.

Workplace Peeves

I am certain this is only a partial list. But here are five for now.

1. Women that cannot use the bathroom properly. I’ve seen pee on the seat, on the floor, unflushed toilets and women who cannot clean up after themselves when Aunt Flo comes to town. And let’s not get started on how many women I have seen who don’t wash their hands. Come on, this is an office, not kindergarten.

2. People who steal food from the fridge. This has happened several times to a coworker who brings her lunch several times a week and it’s ridiculous. If you are so hard up for food that you are stealing from the company fridge, say something, and we’ll put together a collection for you. Or eat my food. Half the time I forget that I brought something so I am sure there are a few yogurts, bananas and PBJ sandwiches I forgot about.

3. People who come to work hocking up a lung and should be in bed. I used to sit across from a woman like this. One day I will post the letter I wrote asking, no, begging HR and the medical doctor at work, to send her home. She still came in.

4. People with no regard to inside voices. Not only do I not care about your work phone calls, I really don’t need to know about the inner most workings of your family and the legal battle you are intwined with due to your ex-husband’s drug problems.

5. People who just pop up at your desk [I sit in an open plan so there are very few offices] with no regard to what you are doing, expecting that you will drop everything for them. This happens whether you are on a conference (or personal) call, preparing for a meeting in a few minutes or in the midst of doing something that requires your utmost concentration. Like making a triple letter score on an online Scrabble game. Beat it.

Late Night, Early Morning

A friend of mine performed last night at the Bitter End, a small but classic venue, in NYC. He didn’t disappoint.

However, it was kind of a late night for a school night. I had to be at work about an hour earlier than normal for a meeting. I cannot remember the last time I saw the same doorman when I came home and again in the morning. Usually there is a shift change while I am asleep. Not today.

Needless to say, I am in dire need of caffeine today.

Little Glimpses

I was in the line at the bank, and of course at lunchtime, there were only two tellers when there were enough windows for five. There’s a long line forming and yet only two tellers working. But of course there’s a greeter, and some other random bank employees milling around but I digress.

While waiting in line one of the people at the teller window was having a problem with her requested transaction.

I couldn’t understand the whole conversation but basically there was a transaction that had happened by someone else on the account (husband maybe?) and she couldn’t make her transaction (am guessing there were not enough funds) because she and the teller couldn’t figure out what currency these other transactions had been made in..

This woman dialed someone trying to find out where his transactions had taken place. Like in what COUNTRY.

First – Google? Can she not Google the currency to find out where it is used?

Second – How do you not know where someone who is on your bank account is traveling? Clearly, I only have a small piece of the story, but it made me intrigued for more.

Unfortunately the story ends here because I have no more information. She stepped away from the counter in disgust and I was next.