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Locked out

Who forgets keys? Me!

It was raining so I couldn’t even just wait it out on a bench, so instead I decided to wander in the local CVS. There was so much that I could have purchased, but the thought of carrying it eight blocks in the pouring rain, even with my golf umbrella, does not bode well for me.

Plus my rewards card is on my keys.

Instead I decided to wander in the supermarket which is essentially across the street from my apartment building.

A couple of things I noticed as I wandered around to kill time:

  • Why does supermarket keep bottles of soy sauce on such high shelves?
  • Why do they keep the bags for your umbrellas in the middle of the store? Not near either entrance?
  • What demotes something to the  absolute bottom shelf? I mean I know companies pay for eye level or even kid eye level but do the companies with the stuff on the bottom just say ‘screw it if people really want to buy it, they will hunt us down anyway.’

To top it all off I wrote down notes for this post as I waited outside my apartment door for the boyfriend to come home as I was eating string cheese (total impulse buy) that I had just bought right outside of my door

That’s right. Keeping it classy.

Adventure is worthwhile in itself.

This was my fortune in a fortune cookie the other day.

Not only do I love this quote but I love how my local sushi restaurant still puts a fortune cookie in the delivery bag.


Why is it that the only thing that is a constant at a drive-through – whether it’s a bank, or a fast food chain – is that the speaker systems are terrible? Does Charlie Brown’s teacher work everywhere?!

With all the technology available to us in this day and age, wouldn’t this be one thing worth updating?!

Magazines stress me out

I feel like I have to read every single page and almost every article. I can’t just skim, though that’s how I start.

Then I go back and read, and then I tear out articles or things that I’d like to research or view online later.

Say I find a cute hat. I’m not ready to buy the hat so I send the link to my shopping email account for later. Then say, I find a good destination, I send it to my travel email account to file away for another time. What about a recipe? I need to rip it out and then put it in my recipe box.

So reading magazines is not just about reading the magazine. I’m going to have homework to do once I finish the magazine. I only get two magazines regularly – a once a week New York Magazine, and a quarterly National Parks Magazine.

One year the boyfriend used airline miles to gift me two magazine subscriptions. Granted the magazines were right up my alley – travel, food and wine – but I couldn’t believe he used miles for magazines (the horror!)

And I had self-induced homework for months following.

Now when I get backed up with a few issues, I put them in the activity bag – and discard along my travels!

None of the above

What’s your inflight fashion?

Are you any of these types of travelers?

I’ve mentioned before what I like to travel with.

What kind of traveler would they consider my category to be if I dress in leggings, a soft tee-shirt and a hoodie sweatshirt? One that probably won’t get upgraded, that’s for sure!

Life. Uncomplicated. Part Three.

Tips, tips and more tips! I feel a bit like Oprah – without the status, celebrity and money! Feel free to share your tips in the comments below.

Today we talk alcohol:

1 – Ever drop a piece of cork in a bottle of wine? 

If you lose any part of the cork in a bottle of wine and you don’t want pieces of cork floating in your glass, hold a coffee filter over your glass and pour the wine into the glass via the filter. Voila! The pieces of cork get stopped by the coffee filter. Genius!

2 – I always keep a bottle of Champagne (or Cava or Prosecco) in the fridge because you just never know when you will want to properly celebrate.

3 – If you need to chill a bottle quickly, put it in the freezer. Simply enough. But set the microwave timer so you don’t forget to take it out. Crucial 😉

“How to Shit Around the World”

Well, I’m definitely buying this book! I realize it’s more about travel health but it reminds me of two bathroom stories.

One – I was eating at a restaurant in Bosnia and I had to pee.

The owner gave me a key to the bathroom. I had to go outside, down a little hill and around the back – which happened to be off a main street. I figured with the key this would be a nice, clean bathroom.

Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. All I know is that as soon as I opened the door, I saw what looked like a shower stall with a toilet seat (like the top part) around a hole in the floor. If I had only thought to take a photo. I am sure I didn’t bring the camera to the bathroom and I had other things on my mind – like deciding if I was going to attempt this!

Either way, I got freaked out and I decided to hold it. I didn’t want to insult the owners of the restaurant since they were so kind, so I just waited around the corner for a sufficient amount of time so they would think I went and then I headed back. I’m not sure what I would have done if I had to go number two!

I realize this is hardly a shocking bathroom travel moment, but for that moment, I just freaked.

I know I have popped a squat more times than I would care to remember. This would have been the same thing, just with a toilet seat on the floor!

Two – After going through customs at the airport in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I had to go to the bathroom. I knew the ride into the city would take at least an hour and I had to go. I went to the ladies room and I remember that the toilet seats were the THINNEST toilet seats I had ever seen. It was almost like the seat shouldn’t have been there because the ring was just so thin. Did notice that around the whole country. Are American asses so big that our toilet seats are so much bigger?

Let’s go. I’m sure there are funnier stories out there. Weirdest bathroom situation or observation you’ve got. Domestic or international – go.

Caveat: “When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable.” – Clifton Fadiman

Are you ready for some football? Because I’m not.

It’s definitely (American) football season. I really have no interest but I join a pool every year so I can feign some kind of interest, allowing me to have a conversation with the boyfriend on football Sundays.

The pool I play in you just have to pick by the spread. With that said I use very scientific methods.

I make my picks each week based on the following. I vary between categories based on each of the week’s matchups.

For example:

1 – Who likes them?

I pick teams based on people I know who like them. With the exception of my hometown teams, teams that fall in that category are the Raiders, the Browns, the Seahawks, the Broncos, the Ravens and the Cowboys (the boyfriend’s favorite team).

2 – The Cowboys division

Then there are the teams in that division, so that’s just based on the spread and who is home. Though I usually root for the underdog. So there’s the Eagles, the Redskins and the Giants. I kind of just pick and choose. I know tons of people who like all of these teams so I don’t go on if someone likes them. While not in the division, I do include the Jets here because they are one of the hometown teams.

If the boyfriend gets annoyed at the Cowboys, like last season, I pay attention, because at the end of the day, I am looking to win the pool.

3 – My kind of town

I also pick other teams based on the city – and if I like it, or want to go there – teams that fall into this category are the Titans, the Chargers, the Bears, Arizona, the 49ers, Kansas City and Green Bay.

4 – Show your true colors

And then I pick teams based on their uniform because I like the colors for Carolina, the Vikings, Tampa Bay and the Seahawks also fall into this category.

5 – Where are you from?

If it really comes down to the wire, I will pick for location – people who are living there. While I don’t typically lean towards Atlanta or Miami, I know people living there, so they get picked once in a while.

6 – What’s the weather like?

If it’s snowing and the Bills are playing Miami – I am going with the Bills. If it’s 90 degrees in October, I am going with Miami. I’m picking for the climate they are used to playing in more consistently.

7 – Usually really good

The Saints, the Patriots, the Colts and Pittsburgh fall into this category. However, I hate Pittsburgh’s uniform so I try not to root for them much. Plus as a huge Ravens fan, my brother-in-law would kill me.

8 – Cute quarterbacks

Drew Brees, Matt Cassel and Eli Manning are a few.

I know I am missing a few teams and they just don’t really fall into any of these categories.

What’s the method to your madness?

Holy Moly!

Check out this water. The Hudson River has been this lovely shade of brown for days now.

Am I back in Argentina? Am I in Tigre, to be exact?

Unfortunately, no. And while Tigre’s water was brown, the locals took great care to keep it clean. This water…I wouldn’t dip my toes in much less wash dishes in.

Note: In order to get the full gist of this post, you will need to click both links!

Life. Uncomplicated. Part Deux.

I know I shared some tips the other day, and since getting things done doesn’t always happen in a timely manner, here are two more…for the ladies.

Eyebrows going crazy? Miss a threading appointment? Forget to pluck? Rub a little bit of cover up over the extra hairs. It works!

Sometimes when I have big occasions I like to get a pedicure as close to the date as possible. So my existing pedicure might be holding on just a little too long. Depending on where the color is chipping, just clipping the toenails can refresh the look to hold you off a few more days. Warning: this does not always work in your favor. It may take off more of the color than you wanted!