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She trying to make me addicted to chocolate

We all have one. That co-worker who brings in candy and leaves it out by their desk.

I am definitely a salt person over a sweets yet if she has anything I love in her candy bowl, I will be tempted to eat it.

I told her I would prefer her to keep candy in there that I don’t like – then I won’t be tempted. I’m sure she doesn’t care about my lack of self-control.

But readers who work in an office, with Halloween around the corner, how do you deal with coworkers who keep out a candy bowl?

Getting guidebooks

I had to laugh the other day. I went into a bookstore with a friend to buy a travel guide. As she was randomly pulling guides, I asked her if it was problematic that I knew exactly which brand I wanted to buy. We had a laugh, but I couldn’t stop wondering…am I the only one that thinks like this?

Peculiar Public

Why do people insist on taking care of personal, and private, business in the public arena.

Things I have noticed:

1 – Nose picking, and yes, eating it
2 – Nail clipping; I have seen this on public transportation and more recently I saw a guy doing this outside of a high-traffic office building
3 – Arguing with someone on the phone
4 – People who do not bathe regularly
5 – People who cough and sneeze without covering up
6 – People who pee on bathroom seats
7 – People who don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom
8 – People who floss in public

Aren’t these things things that should be done behind closed doors?

What’s your go-to dish?

People always have their go-to recipe when bringing a dish to a party. Mine is wine. Or cheese. Last Thanksgiving my sister hosted and she put me in charge of…the wine and the appetizer. She assumed I would bring a simple starter, like cheese. But I surprised her with a recipe for sun-dried tomato bruschetta I had eaten at a book club meeting a few weeks earlier.

What’s your go to recipe? I know my (five) readers have some delicious recipes of their own…there’s a layered taco dip, there’s homemade mac and cheese, there’s some amazing sausage patty thing, there’s some great mac salad, there’s a buffalo chicken wing dip and there’s a brie and croissant gooey mouthwatering awesomeness out there! Feel free to share — you know who you are!!

Am I a…techie!?

Never thought I would be posting about tech blogs…but I read, and enjoy, Mashable.

What about you? Any other tech blogs out there worth a read — for someone who is by far not an early adopter!

Magazines stress me out

I feel like I have to read every single page and almost every article. I can’t just skim, though that’s how I start.

Then I go back and read, and then I tear out articles or things that I’d like to research or view online later.

Say I find a cute hat. I’m not ready to buy the hat so I send the link to my shopping email account for later. Then say, I find a good destination, I send it to my travel email account to file away for another time. What about a recipe? I need to rip it out and then put it in my recipe box.

So reading magazines is not just about reading the magazine. I’m going to have homework to do once I finish the magazine. I only get two magazines regularly – a once a week New York Magazine, and a quarterly National Parks Magazine.

One year the boyfriend used airline miles to gift me two magazine subscriptions. Granted the magazines were right up my alley – travel, food and wine – but I couldn’t believe he used miles for magazines (the horror!)

And I had self-induced homework for months following.

Now when I get backed up with a few issues, I put them in the activity bag – and discard along my travels!

Overpacking Prowess

I know I have shared some of my personal tips on packing.

I pride myself on being a good packer, and when I am not, I recognize it. On the flip side, my sister is one of the worst packers. EVER.

As I packed on Thursday night for my weekend, I thought about my sister, and her packing prowess…NOT!! I thought, what would she pack for two nights away from home?

She is well aware that she over packs clothes, hair supplies and everything you might think you need, but won’t even use. She is devoted to her hair products, and hasn’t found them in travel size. She refuses to buy travel size containers to pour her shampoo in. Obviously, because she exceeds the 3 ounce liquid limits, she also has to check her luggage…which I won’t do unless I absolutely have to – say it with me ‘checked luggage is potentially lost luggage.’

Even as kids she over packed. She was like a little bag lady. On long car rides, I’d use the seat belt to create a border as her side and my side. Her stuff couldn’t cross. And it always did.

I traveled with a book and a Walkman with a few cassette tapes (remember those?). Back then she packed stuffed animals, pillows and toys and games and who the heck knows what.

She also was given less leg room for storage. As the older sister, I always sat in the seat behind my mom. My short (er, she’s taller than me) mom. I ensured my sister sat behind my dad, my 6 foot + dad. Since my dad did most of the driving, he needed to be comfortable, and to do that his seat was pushed pretty far back, limiting my sisters leg room. This should have been a good thing, limiting her ‘carry on’ possessions. Alas, she found every possible corner to stuff some crap into.

Pack, and travel, lightly. You can buy what you need. And what you think you can’t easily replace (glasses, prescription medicine), be sure you pack it!

Caveat: I have never traveled extensively with children, except when I was one. I’m sure this changes things up a bit. So parents, do tell. What’s the craziest thing you, or your child, ever wanted to bring on a trip?

And a special shout out to my Mom and Dad – feel free to share any of J’s crazy must-haves for our many family road trips. I know I am off the hook for that since I always traveled lightly 😉

Why I hate shopping

Yes, it’s true. I prefer online shopping because I can do it in my pajamas, there aren’t any rude people knocking into me, I don’t have to see that the last shirt in my size is in a ball on the floor in the dressing room and I can fill up my shopping bag and come back later.

In store I am forced to ask these questions:

  • Why do stores hang clothes so high that only seven-foot models can pull it off without bringing the whole rack down?
  • How do stores expect me to dig through neatly folded sweaters without creating a total mess when I’ve got a whole lot of clothes hanging over one arm?
  • Why is the petite section the most disorganized section in the store?
  • Why are jeans in the regular height people section jeans displayed so the sizes are clearly showing without making a mess like the said sweaters yet in the petite section they are on hangers with the sizes facing the wall?
  • Why is the store filled to the brim with clothes and displays making me a bull in a china shop? (I know the answer to this – to maximize retail space!)

Ann Taylor LOFT, this time I am talking to you. But I love your clothes, I think your staff is actually helpful, your dressing rooms are clean and you have great coupons. But your store, one of the only womens clothing stores in Manhattan I will voluntarily venture into, stresses me out.

But let’s put this into perspective – at least I go into your store. I refuse to venture into Macy’s in NYC unless absolutely, positively necessary. In nearly 10 years working in New York City, I can count on my hands how many times I have walked into that store — and it’s usually with tourist friends who want to see it. So Ann Taylor LOFT — you’re not THAT bad.

Rogue Recipes

Some people (maybe just me) may find it funny that I collect recipes, being that I don’t really cook.

I don’t know why I do it. I have loads of recipes I have seen online, in magazines and have collected over the years, yet I’ve never really dabbled in it.

Maybe because I don’t have enough pots or bowls. When I make brownies I have to pour the mix (don’t judge) into two bowls because I don’t have one big enough. Never really bothered to get one big enough but it makes for adventures, and a big mess in the kitchen.

Anyway, if you are looking for an interesting recipe, I have it. I can’t vouch for it, but I’ve got plenty. I’ve been doing this for years – is there such a thing as vintage recipes?

With all these collected recipes, I inadvertently made my own kind of recipe the other night – and maybe this already exists – but if it does, I didn’t know. I meant to buy fresh spinach to make a salad for dinner. Forgot to buy the spinach. But had purchased a few pears. I peeled the pear to the core with a peeler and the pears served as the ‘greens’ for the evening. Topped with goat cheese and balsamic vinegar — voila! Who needs all those recipes?!

Most importantly…it was very, very good.

WHY can’t summer stay?

The weather the past few days has been delightful, and it really makes for good spirits (if you weren’t an achy mess). Wouldn’t it be nice if in the depths of winter, we could get two summer-like days each month just to get out of those dismal and cold spells for just 48 hours?

WHY do you have to leave summer weather? Stay a little longer.